social media investigations are Efficient


When you have a case to prove, you need reliable information fast – preferably before the first deposition. That’s where Social Media Investigations, Inc. comes in. 

Our team at Social Media Investigations, Inc. uses state-of-the-art technology to search across all social media sites from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest and beyond. 

The data found on these sites is compiled and analyzed quickly by Social Media Investigations, Inc.’ team of professional investigators.
social media investigations are Valuable


Written or Graphical proof that supports your case is invaluable. The sooner you have it, the better prepared you will be to present your case. 

Evidence discovered and reported to you by Social Media Investigations, Inc. becomes part of the expert information you compile to support your case along with medical experts, biomechanical engineers and conventional “boots on the ground” surveillance.
social media investigations are Effective


Time and again the data collected by Social Media Investigations, Inc. has changed the course of a lawsuit by uncovering contradictory evidence, disproving the plaintiff or person of interest’s claims. 

The data discovery produced by Social Media Investigations, Inc. reveals the truth about a claimant. Social Media data establishes a timeline of events that is difficult to dispute. Social Media Investigations, Inc. is key to helping prove your case.